Wednesday, June 24, 2015

For Rent

I Would Much Rather Poke Myself in the Eyeballs with Chopsticks.

I am apartment hunting and right now, poking myself in the eyeballs repeatedly with chopsticks sounds more desirable and more productive. I have lived in my current apartment for almost 2 years now. While the first year I had no issues, the past eight months has been problem after problem. Hello, they threw away my wreath because they thought it was a Christmas was not. Plus I'm ready to be a little closer to work. This process has been nothing short of a nightmare. As with any experience with moving it is a nightmare. I'm not even to the point where I have to start packing. By the way, packing brings out the worst in me. I might yell at you. I'm sorry ahead of time. There are budgets to keep in mind, locations, pet policies, and other things that I feel like I need in my home. 

I have spent weeks looking and driving all over South Tulsa and Broken Arrow. I have an ever growing stack of brochures, spent countless hours looking through websites and reviews, and toured 20 different apartment complexes. AND I JUST WANT TO BANG MY HEAD AGAINST THE WALL. 

I felt like I would have found the perfect place and then: "oh yeah, no pets allowed," "oh yeah, there are no washers and dryers in the units or hook ups, you would have to take your laundry somewhere else." "oh yeah we have a wait list that goes into November." And my personal favorite..."I have nothing and won't have anything, you don't need to stay." Never mind at this point I would much rather poke myself in the eyeballs with flaming hot chopsticks. 

Let me just address this because the question has been raised, "Meghan why don't you buy a house?" Here is the simplest answer, No. I have some other financial goals that I want to accomplish before taking that next step. For right now, renting is the perfect thing for me and I don't want to mow a yard. Ever.

I have some time before my current lease is up and that gives me some time to make some decisions and I find a place that fits my needs. But For the Love, I just hope that my sanity doesn't go out the window before then. 

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