Saturday, June 20, 2015


Happy Father's Day!!!

To all of you dads out there: biological dads, step dads, adopted dads, foster dads, spiritual dads, or if you are mentor dad to anyone on the planet, happy happy day too you! Thank you for leading your families and leaving legacies!

Let me just tell you about my Dad, he is the coolest person on the planet. He is the most extroverted introvert I have ever met. His sense of humor, it is weird. Example: every year for Christmas he asks for socks and underwear, it never fails socks and underwear are on his Christmas list. This past Christmas he got a tablet, which for my dad who is permanently stuck in technology era of 1999 with his Nokia flip phone, this is a big deal. His response, "I'm joining the 20th century, now you people can't make fun of me." Ummm sure Dad, welcome to the 21st century, but that is okay. Now don't worry he did get his socks and underwear for Christmas. In fact on Christmas morning after we opened gifts and got ready to go to my aunt's for Christmas lunch, he gathered my brothers and I around and told us "I have something very important to tell all three of you. I'm very comfortable in my new Christmas underwear." He says it calmly with a straight face and walks away.My brothers and I just stared at each other and bust out laughing. As a kid, my mom had to be at work at 7:30 so she was already on her way to work by the time we were up and moving around, so that meant that my dad to handle getting us all ready for school.  I am not a morning person. The only day I'm a morning person is on December 25th, and even then it is iffy. So on those mornings when I was looking and acting in a lovely (read grumpy) mood, my dad would grab me by the arms and get in my face and scream "it's a beautiful morning!!!" I would crack a smile, but please understand I really just wanted to punch him in the face. Because he is my father, I didn't. 

As funny as my Dad is, he set the bar high for any other man in my life. He is simply the best. This God fearing, John Wayne loving, Sci-Fi nut, teddy bear of a guy is best out there. He is a leader and innovator in his industry. I look at the countless lives and families that my father has impacted and he has left a legacy. If you don't know what my Dad does he is the executive director of a non profit Sheltered Workshop that provides job training and life skills training for adults with disabilities. He has sacrificed so much of himself to make sure that he not only provided for his family but for his clients and their families. He loves his clients and I love it when they light up whenever he enters the room! He has taught me about hard work and determination. He has taught me to always work with a standard of excellence and he taught me how to lead others and demand that same standard of excellence. He has shown selfless love everyday of my life, and cared for his parents in their final days and was a source to comfort as we all grieved through that process. 

So William Bradley Loyd, I hope that you enjoy your John Wayne DVD box set, but please know what your real present from me is accurately displayed in this e card. xoxoMeggio!

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