Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Every human being on this planet Earth is looking for two things: someone to love and someone to love them. Relationships are the driving force of how we live our lives. Everyone is looking for someone, not only just for the idea that we are cared for, but so we can care for someone or something.

Everyone has something or someone that they deeply love and care for, that gives their lives some sort of purpose. There is just something about us as people that drive us to love and care for people, animals, plants, and hobbies. Those things give us a sense of contentment and happiness. 

Some people love and care for plants. I am not a green thumb. To quote my friend Rebecca, "I am a black thumb." I am plant hospice. I ease the transition from life to death for plants. If you have a plant you want to get rid of send it to me, I will take care of it. I have killed a cactus.While I might not be able to care for plants, I love and appreciate those that do. Many people pour countless hours into their gardens and house plants. Making sure their flowers, trees, fruits, and vegetables receive that right amount of sunlight, grow in the right soil, and get enough water. My Grandpa Loyd showed this kind of love towards his roses. My Papa grew the most beautiful roses. He showered them with so much love and care. How beautiful is that? 

Some people love and care for their children. I don't have children and they aren't really in my plan for anytime soon, but I love watching families. I love watching parents take their kids to parks, attend their concerts, go to robot and airplane building sessions, and I could go on and on. But what is at the root of this is they just love their kids and love to take care of their kids. They lovingly discipline their children when they need it and then shower them with love and quality time. They provide and make sacrifices for their children, so they can provide them the best life possible. I love it when I log onto Facebook and I see pictures of my guy friends with daughters having tea parties, or my girlfriends playing football with their sons. Coloring pictures, rolling around on the floor, stepping on Legos (1st level of Dante's Inferno by the way), all of it because they love to care for their kids. I love watching adults do things that to other adults look ridiculous but for the sake of how much they love their kids! I do want a family one day and I hope I am half of the parent that my parents and my friends are to my future children. 

Some people love and care for their parents. My generation's grandparents are getting older and now we are watching our parents lovingly care for their parents. I think about my mom who visits her mom in the nursing home daily and on the days that she can't make it over there she makes sure my dad or my brothers are there. I think about my dad and his siblings as they cared for my grandparents in their final days. I love that and I'm scared of at the same time.

Some people love and care for their hobbies. Fishing, knitting, cycling, swimming, sewing, quilting, crafting, blogging, and etc. etc. etc. They do everything with excellence. These things take time and a lot of dedication. They are very loved indeed.

Some people care for their pets. I'm going to spend some time on this one. Fur babies are just that, our babies. My little Stardust, she is the best part of my life. Over a year ago, I just went to a pet store to look around. Just going to pet stores to look around is a bad idea. Don't do it unless you are ready to walk out the door with a new family member. While I was there this little brown and black tortoise shell cat reach out of her cage and grabbed a hold of my scarf, she chose me. That day a little cat that was left in a trash bag with the rest of her litter outside of a QuikTrip, came home with me to her forever home. I needed something to care for, I am horrible at caring for plants, I don't have kids, and at the time my hobbies where napping and drinking coffee(okay they are still my hobbies). So that day a little cat named Stardust came home with me. She is my favorite part of my day! She is funny and playful and yet still manages to sleep all the time. She climbs on bookshelves, hops on ceiling fans, and likes to steal pizza rolls. I can't be sitting in my recliner without her laying on me. I love caring for her and having her in my life. Call me a crazy a cat lady, but I don't care. I may not have children, but for right now, she is my kid, and I love caring for her. Even when she wakes me up at 5:30 in the morning wanting to be fed. She has taught me how to not be selfish or self centered, but to put others first. Rescuing and adopting her has been one of the best decisions of my life. For the Love she is simply the best.

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