Thursday, June 4, 2015


Happy National Donut Day Eve!!! June 5th is one of the happiest day's ever National Donut Day! So all across America tomorrow you can get free donuts, half price donuts, discounts on donuts, so really if you wanted to you could have donuts at every meal. Breakfast, dessert with lunch, dessert with dinner, and a midnight snack! If you spell it donut, or doughnut, we can all agree that they are awesome.

But did you know that National Donut Day has some historical background? Well I didn't until I was reading an article in today's Tulsa World.

"Started as a fundraiser by The Salvation Army in Chicago during the Great Depression, National Doughnut Day honors military veterans and commemorates the work of Salvation Army volunteers who used the tasty confection to comfort American soldiers in France and Germany during World War I. These female volunteers earning nickname "Doughnut Lassies' and "Doughnut Girls", friend the doughnuts in soldiers' helmets and served countless treats to the grateful troops."-Nicole Marshall Tulsa World.

How wonderful is that!!!! I just thought it was something made up by Donut Shops, but it has real and important meanings. I remember hearing my grandparents Great Depression stories, and maybe even the worst days could have been brighter with a donut. I know my horrible days/mornings are made better with donuts! On of the biggest servant heart ladies that I know, Anita Newport, brings donuts every other Friday and it is awesome! Thank you Anita! I encourage you to not only get donuts for yourself tomorrow, but take a dozen or two to people you love! Share the love of donuts!!!

If you live in the Tulsa area check out Krispy Kream for free donuts or go to any Merritt's Bakery and if you buy one dozen donuts you get the second dozen free. Also Merritt's will be donating 10 percent of all donut sales to the Salvation Army. So enjoy your donuts tomorrow!!!!

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