Blogs I Love To Read

Many asked how I love to read and why I love to read them. Here ya go!

#oklaed blogs

Blue Cereal Education- This dude. He was one of the first to actually believe in the power of this blog. He likes to keep everyone informed, and he does it with a lot of snark. Plus he gave me an #11FF mug.

But wait there's more....check out his legit page.

This Teacher Sings- I love me some music teachers. Mindy is amazing! I love everything she does with her students. Plus I love her voice in the blogging community. Thanks for calling out the right people, and for looking up the meanings of our names on Urban Dictionary at OkMEA Winter In-Service.

Teaching From Here- Scott is awesome. Even for a Math guy. Scott has challenged me as a writer, and I love how he challenges me as a teacher. Check it out.

JennWillTeach- I like to think that Jenn is the dark and twisty Unicorns and Rainbows. I love her voice and what she has to say. Plus she tells me really cool books to read!

Okeducationtruths- Wannabe, informed what is happening in education in Oklahoma. This is where you need to start!!! Dr. Rick Cobb does a fantastic job!

View From the Edge- Educator Rob Miller. This guy is the real deal. I have been reading his stuff for years. It is the best. Check it out.

Fourth Generation Teacher- Claudia Swisher is a fourth generation teacher in her family just as the title says. Teaching is literally in her blood, and she is one of the strongest voices I know for all teachers in this community. Also books!!! She blogs about books!!

Random Teacher Thoughts- My friend Anthony Purcell is one amazing math teacher. I first met Anthony through Twitter and then officially at EdCamp Stilly. His thoughts are fabulous, and he will challenge your thinking on so many levels.

National Education Blogs

Curmudgucation- Peter Greene calls it as it is, and I love it. Plus he loves music teachers and jazz. I have never met the guy, but I'm sure that I could make this grumpy adorable dude smile.

The Principal of Change- George Couros is such an inspiration to me. I enjoy reading his thoughts on leadership and how no matter what role we are in when it comes to education we are all leaders. Plus he is pretty.

Kodaly Resources

Mrs. Miracle's Music Room- Need resources for your music classroom. Look no further! I love her stuff. I don't teach elementary music, but her lessons for upper grades make for fabulous warm ups for middle school choirs!

Kodaly Inspired Classroom- In my journey in becoming a Kodaly certified instructor, this blog is go-to for me. I love her products and love her ideas for music classrooms.

The Holy Names Kodaly Collection- This place is amazeballs. The folk song index is a life saver when it comes to planning warm ups and sight-reading for my students.

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