Monday, May 22, 2017

Teach Them How To Say Goodbye

Six years.

For six years, I have been the choir teacher at Sequoyah Middle School in Broken Arrow, OK. That journey and chapter of my life ended today. 

In this place, that has been my home, I laughed, I cried, I made music, I found joy, I found anger, I found frustration, but more importantly I had the chance to have an impact on over 500 young lives that came through my Vocal Music classroom.

As much as I want to talk about the impact that I might have had on their lives, but they had an impact on mine. Telling them, I wasn't going to be returning was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. They will forever hold a place in my heart. Every student that sang in my choir got to be a part of a bigger story, one that they may not have even known they were a part of. They are forever a part of my story. My journey as an educator and as a musician.

I love the Broadway musical Hamilton, it is an obsession. My favorite song, One Last Time, President Washington has Alexander Hamilton pen his farewell address. Hamilton wanting Washington to stay begged him not to go, what words get me every time?

If I say goodbye, the nation moves on, it outlives me when I'm gone.

I was the fifth choir teacher in five years when I walked through the doors as a young 22-year-old, I took something that dead and gave it some life. But it is time for to outlive me when I'm gone. I made my mark, I built "my nation, " and now it is someone else's turn. I said goodbye to my students, their families, my staff, and my friends. I taught them how to say goodbye, and now I'm off to my next adventure.

To the staff at Sequoyah Middle School, you are world changers. You keep loving and leading. You are exactly what those kids need. You have loved me, encouraged me, and challenged me to be better. I will never forget the lessons that you taught me. 

To my beautifully talented students, you are world changers. Don't ever believe that you are less than just that! You sing, and you keep singing. The world is a mess, and it needs and craves your voices. Don't ever stop to singing. When you are happy. Sing. When you are sad. Sing. When you fall and you have no way out. Sing. We talk about this before our final concert this, you always have a reason to sing. It might be painful, it might take every ounce of emotional and spiritual energy to sing, but just sing. I tell you all the day, you have a song to sing, and the world deserves to hear that song. 

This chapter is done, and I'm thankful for the ink on the page. The next chapter, Meghan Loyd, Vocal Music Director, Midwest City High School. 


  1. We're going to miss you Meghan! BAPS students and staff were SO lucky to have a chance to learn from you and with you.

  2. You are amazing!! I remember when you came, Kaylee was like, mom we are getting ANOTHER choir teacher, but she LOVED you. She wasn't sure if she was going to stay in choir but then she had you. Even after she had to leave SMS she still came back JUST for your class. Thank you for not judging her and always being there for her and all your students. At least you aren't going to far. Maybe we will run into you sometime so she can see you before you leave. I'm happy for this next chapter in your life, your deserve it. Christie

  3. Sad to see you go but excited for your new adventure!!!

  4. What a beautiful goodbye to your students, colleagues, and friends...although I feel sure it isn't really goodbye as you will carry your sweet memories with you throughout your career. Their impact on you is now a part of you as move on to your next chapter. You are going to be fantastic! There are some students at Midwest City High School who do not have a clue about the good luck that is coming their way. I cannot wait to hear about your new adventures.