Thursday, December 29, 2016

There is Still Some Hope

This time last year I was looking forward to moving into 2016 and experiencing all it had to offer. My one word for the year of 2016 was hope. I don’t know if you were under a rock or just pretending, but a lot of 2016 wasn’t hopeful. Just look at the all of the celebrities we lost. And for my Oklahoma educators--just look at the election results. Some things in 2016 were good...I got a dog. Say hi to Hershey!

Last year one of my biggest blogger inspirations Rob Miller challenged us to blog our one reason for despair and our one reason for hope. I pulled an audible and offered a few more reasons for hope. As I look back, the reasons I listed for hope I still hold strong; they are great reasons for hope.

Reason Number One:
The first reason I listed last year was a number: 140. That was the number of students I had in my classes last year. That number grew! My students give me hope. They are smart; they are talented; they are awkwardly funny; they are hardworking. They challenge me to be a better educator, woman, human, and musician. Making music is such an honor. One that I don’t take lightly, and the fact I actually get to wake up and teach kids how to sing, how to be musicians is the best. But more than becoming great musicians, my students are becoming better humans. Better humans that care for each other, seek beauty and truth in the world, and never seek the easy way out. Also, they give me coffee and donuts.

Reason Number Two:
I still work with some amazing educators! They are passionate and do whatever it takes to do what is best for their students. It is truly amazing to watch them do their thing! I’m so very blessed to teach in my building. It is truly wonderful to be so blessed.

Reason Number Three:
Oklahoma still has the best educators around. This year my #oklaed PLN challenged me to new heights in my profession. I love how they have made this terrible year better. They share ideas, they provide some of the best advice, they are funny, they uplift me, and they are so freakin funny!

Reason Number Four:
2017 is the year of the donut.