Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Electives Matter

*Thank you to those in my PLN that helped with the creation of these questions. Josh Flores, you the real MVP.*

I’m back and leading one of the fastest hours in the Twitterverse on Sunday night. The oklaed Twitter chat is one of the best sources of professional development. This Sunday night at 8 pm Central Standard time I will moderating the chat and our topic is Electives Matters.

Clearly I love Electives. I mean I am an Electives/Fine Arts teacher, and it has my dream since I was a child. So if you want to get a jump start on the questions and have some brilliant answers go forth and be fabulous! If you answer in GIF forms ahem Rick Cobb, you will be my BFF.

Q1: What are the Electives/Specials offerings at your school?

Q2: What does the phrase “educating the whole child.” mean to you?

Q3: Why are Electives important to school culture?

Q4: If you could choose one Elective to be required for all students, what would it be?

Q5: If you could teach any Elective what would it be? Think out of the box!!!

Q6: How do we protect Electives in a time of budget cuts?

Q7: Should kids lose their Electives/Specials time to receive intervention?

Q8: Follow up to question seven, what other intervention ideas can we use to ensure that students are served correctly but don’t lose their Electives/Specials offerings?

Q9: What is your personal reason for fighting for Electives/Specials in our schools and our state?

Q10: How can you show support for your school’s Electives/Specials programming?


  1. I am afraid twitter is not going to be big eough for my answers. Great questions.

  2. Do I get bonus points for you tube clips?