Sunday, June 19, 2016

Classroom MEMEagent

Alright, ladies and gentlemen get ready because Adrienne Fore, follow her on Twitter why don't you, and I are co-moderating the #oklaed Twitter chat on June 26th!

Our topic is all about Classroom Management and we have titled our chat Classroom MEMEagent because we are both fun loving people who like to live on the edge.

#oklaed we are giving you heads up and a week to prepare! We are so nice, you know you love us. So below are our questions, you will have to wait to see what memes we have selected to go with each question. That is okay you will survive. I promise.

Q1: What do you wish you had known about CR Management your first year teaching?
Q2: What is your go-to classroom management strategy?
Q3: What is your biggest behavior pet peeve and how do you address it?
Q4: We have all been there, what was your biggest classroom fail? What did you learn from it?
Q5: What do you still struggle with?
Q6: What do you wish your admin knew about CR Management and admin what do you wish your teachers knew?
Q7: What are some action steps that you take when students don’t follow expectations?
Q8: What is a strategy you plan on implementing this upcoming school year?
BQ: How do you handle difficult parent communication?
BQ: How can you help a colleague that is struggling with classroom management?
BQ: How do you prepare your classes for subs?

You have homework!!!!!!!!

Find your favorite education meme (Google and Pinterest are your friends here) and be prepared to share with us on Sunday night!!!

We love you and are looking forward to chatting with you!!!

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