Friday, April 17, 2015

Why "For the Love"

For the love. This is a phrase that I say a lot, sometimes it is out of excitement-like when Josh's Sno Cones opens up for the summer! Sometimes it is out of frustration-like when I create an Instagram account for my Vocal Music program and my students post Emojis and have full length conversations in the comment sections.Kids these days. Sometimes it is out of humor-like when I accidentally drop my underwear on the floor of a QuikTrip (long but funny story). Sometimes it is out of sadness-like when I see family hurting, friends in pain, students having to grow up way to fast, educators at the end of their rope, and a broken world that just needs Jesus. 

Love is such a powerful word. At the root of love is a relationship. Every time I utter the phrase "For the Love" it is out of an interaction with someone that I have a relationship with, even with the sno cone guy. 

For the Love of Family-My family is amazing. My dad works tirelessly to support his family and his community. My mom works full time and cares for her elderly mother. My brothers are simply the best.But I suck at being a daughter and a sister. I moved two hours away and I don't visit enough or call. This is something that I have to fix, because at the end of the day my family will always be there. 

For the Love of Friends-Like I mentioned before, I moved away from my family. My friends are a family away from my family. Life without them would be boring.

For the Love of Students-I love building connections! I get to teach some of my students for three years, in those three years I really get to know them. That is what I love most about teaching middle school. I get to build those relationships and help write their educational experience. They are game changing kids. 

For the Love of Colleagues-I work at a school with some of the best teachers and staff ever! We love each other, we support each other, we vent to each other, we eat chips and salsa together, play each other in Trivia Crack but more importantly we serve the greater purpose to do what is best of kids.

For the Love of Coffee-Need I say more.

For the Love of Spouse/Significant Other-I don't have a lot to say on this one. When it comes to this kind of relationship I don't have a lot to offer. But I would like to think that one day there will be a man that will love the spanz that is Meghan Kathleen Loyd

For the Love the Lord-This relationship is the most important. Because it was out of this love, came perfect love. Jesus gave His life, died a death that I deserve, and then defeated it three days later. By His wounds we are healed.

I can't promise you the most insightful blog or the funniest, but what I can promise you is truthfulness. I'm a Jesus loving, coffee drinking, middle school choir teacher that is just trying the best that I can. And sometimes that involves stories about underwear on the floor of a QT Gas Station. 

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