Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Have Mercy

In case you haven't heard Full House is coming back!!!! As a child of the 1990s this is some of the best news ever! Ever since the news broke yesterday that Netflix has picked up the return of Full House, my mind has been swimming in questions. Yes, I'm weird. Don't judge me.

1. Which Olsen Twin will be playing Michelle? I need to know this. As a child I was obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Sleepovers with Mary Kate and Ashley, best VHS box set ever. I wanted to be a twin just so I could be just like Mary Kate and Ashley. When Full House first started the character of Michelle was a baby, and because of child labor laws they needed twins to play one baby. As the show progressed the producers kept both girls and they switched actors for each episode. Since they are adults now it doesn't really make sense that they switch back and forth. Or if they do switch back and forth how will the make sure that it isn't noticeable? I need to know. Why? I have no idea, it has just been bugging me all day.

2. Are they still living in the same house? It is called Full House for a reason. Do all the girls and their possible families live there? Did Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky have more kids and did they stay? Did Joey leave? Did Danny get married? Is Wake Up San Francisco still a thing? Did Uncle Jesse make it into the music business? Is a Joey a famous stand up? Is Stephanie still annoying?

3. Did DJ and Steve get married? Because Steve was a "total babe".

4. Is Kimmy Gibbler still an "airhead"? She is by far one of my favorite TV characters of all time. I feel like if I could be described as any TV character, Kimmy Gibbler would be it.

5. This is the most important question...WILL JOHN STAMOS SING?!?!?! Let's be real Uncle Jesse is the real "total babe." The advances in men's fashions the V-neck shirts and tight pants will be a great sight. Side Note: John Stamos has said that he would like to date and marry a teacher. John Stamos this is for you, I live in Tulsa, OK and I'm a middle choir teacher (yay music!), I have brown hair, brown eyes, and love the Beach Boys. Come and find me. Also if anyone has the hook up with John Stamos, please help a sister out.

So for all of my fellow 90s-TGIF friends out there, we got Boy Meets World back, we are getting Full House. Next step-Family Matters.

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