Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What.Is.Happening. Chapter Two

The amount of crazy things that happen to me on bus trips....

Tis the season for bus travels and apparently I just have a crazy magnet that is attached to me.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel with Broken Arrow High School's show choirs, Tiger Mystique, a women's show choir and Tiger Rhythm, a mixed show choir. We traveled to Keller, Texas for the Lone Star Show Choir Invitational. Both of these groups have some of my former members in them and I love traveling with these kids. However, we all know what happens to me on bus trips.

We left on a Friday afternoon, that morning that I went to work and had rehearsals with our morning classes and towards the end of the morning I started to have an onset of a cluster migraine. If you are a cluster migraine suffer you know that they are the worst things on the planet. I start out by having blurry spots in my left eye and eventually if I don't take any medicine for it, I lose vision in my left eye and my head just pounds and pounds and pounds. So as you can see this is exactly what you want to have before you get on a bus full of high school kids on your way to Texas. So took some medicine and knocked myself for a good two hours. Before I fell asleep, I snapped this lovely selfie:

Yes....I am fully aware that it looks like I'm wearing a sanitary napkin on my forehead. But let me tell you about these amazing cooling pads. So they are called Migraine Be Kool Soft Gel Sheets. They are great and work like a dream, they stay cold for up to 8 hours, and they help ease the pain. At one point I sat up on the bus and told the kids we were making a bathroom stop and one little darling pointed out so lovely, "Hey, uh Miss Loyd do you know you have something on your forehead." Kids...they are just so observant.

So I'm on a bus with a migraine. With high school students. Oh by the way....it was raining cats and dogs. Now normally if I was driving myself to the DFW area I would take highway 75 no problem but with a bus full of kids it wouldn't make sense to take highway 75...but we did. The highway was incredibly bumpy and at times I couldn't tell if I was on a bus or an airplane. Remember I have taken some pretty awesome migraine medication and I'm a little loopy at this point. Once it started to rain harder, water started to leak in through the windows of the activity bus, so clearly I'm on a sailboat.We also made about 5 wrong turns...it was confusing. We made it to a mall in Frisco, Texas for dinner and a few hours for the kids to run around and work off some energy. All the while there are flash flood warnings, thunder storm warnings, tornado watches, and flying chicken watches. Oh Starbucks had some massive computer problem and I couldn't even get coffee. But we get the kids to the hotel, put to bed, and ready for their contest. Also at this point, my migraine is back. So I take more medicine and I go to bed. I wake up at 6:00 am and find that my phone is has blown up with notifications. I'm only popular when I'm out of town.

And it was a great day! Tiger Mystique had a great performance and I was so proud watching one of my former students perform with this group. She was a sweetheart as an eighth grader and an even bigger sweetheart today! The icing on the cake was that Tiger Rhythm won the whole dang thing!!! Please see the below meme created by the students of my friend Justin Rosser. Such a great day and it made this middle school teacher's heart happy to see her former babies being successful!! So yes some crazy things always happen to me on the bus, but they are always for a greater good.

So stay tune next time for What. Is.Happening Chapter Three-Sequoyah Middle School Choir goes to Silver Dollar City. (Heaven Help)

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