Saturday, April 18, 2015

What. Is. Happening.

Today was my annual choir trip to Frontier City. This year I made some changes and took only my sixth grade choir.  I have been going to Frontier City for four years now, and each year has it's own unique set of challenges and quirky moments. When I say quirky moments, please know that I mean these moments are "what the heck, did that just happen moments?' Let's review the previous years quirky moments:

2012-The Bus Driver misses the exit and proceeds to back up on the highway.The bus being in reverse for more than 10 minutes, completely shuts down.

2013-A kid gets stuck on top of the Farris Wheel when it breaks down and is up in the air for 40 minutes. The kid,thinking it was funny,starting telling knock knock jokes to the entire park.

2014-My students fell in" love" with each other, started dating at the beginning of the day and broke up when we got off the bus.

2015-ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! Well...sort of.

Let's start with the bus. My first red flag was when the bus driver got lost trying to find the Creek Turnpike. In Broken Arrow. He got lost while turning out of the parking lot. Oh My Stars. I have had threats of students vomiting on the the bus before on previous trips, but it never happened. Until today. When we were lost again,,,so here I am yelling directions at the bus driver while I have a kid vomiting into a trash can. I ask the poor baby if everything was okay, chalked it up to car sickness and everything was fine after that. We finally make to our performance location and we are running late because of all of the lost problems and the bodily fluids. But we clean up and go inside and do our thing (which was AWESOME)! We get back on the bus, and guess what? We get lost again!! I knew our location the entire time. When you are supposed to go south, go south not north. We get to the park and I think we are out of the clear. Until I get a text from the driver that he might have locked the keys in the bus. At this point, I'm dealing with another issue (see below) and I'm just like whatever. I text my assistant principal and tell him about me experience thus far and his response was "What.Is.Happening." Hence this post title. It is best way to sum up everything at this point. (Woot Woot Ashley Bowser.)

Earlier in the day, a group of my students had the great privilege of being the first people to ride the Diamondback for the day. After it's first run, it breaks down. With two of my students still on it. There they are feet away from getting back to the carriage house and they are stuck on a broken roller coaster for an hour!! I dread parent phone calls anyways, I'm sure that would be fun phone call. "Hello Mister and Mrs. SoSo, first off I just want to say I love your child (always start with a positive) but I just wanted to let you know that your child is stuck on a roller coaster." The problem is fix and the kids get off the roller coaster. Only to get back in line to ride it again. What?!?!

Sixth grade love was in the air. Middle School Romance is gross and weird.

But despite all of this craziness. We had a blast! We earned Superior ratings and Outstanding Achievement awards. Plus one of my sweet girls won an Outstanding Musicianship Award for her overall stage presence. They behaved like a dream and I had the best parent support! I ran into a lot of really great friends that I don't get to see that much, rode a water ride, and the train.  And it didn't rain! A sixth grade only trip to Frontier City was the best idea I have ever had. Such a great day!!!

BTW...the keys. In the driver's pockets the entire time. FOR THE LOVE.

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