Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rewards and Thuggery

What exactly is suffering for my reward? Is it the little pay? Is it the daily demeaning of my profession that I see all the time? Is the lack of respect for myself and my colleagues?

In regards to my question about pay, my loan providers or landlord could give a flying flip about my heavenly reward; they want my money now.

Just this week alone I was told that gem of a statement above and one of my favorite #oklaed bloggers and blogging mentors was called a thug and denied entrance to a public event over school choice.

If you know Rick Cobb you are aware that the first thing that comes to mind is a thug. I mean look at how he is showing off the fact that he is shoe twinning with a bunch of kindergarteners. Seriously such a thug. The nerve of that guy.

I’m over the whole “this is just the way it has been.” Excuse me as I vomit. I am a professional. My friends are professionals. We are doing our best to provide ALL KNOWLEDGE to all students while not being flushed with cash. I’m over the fact that I have to accept the status quo, don’t tell me my reward is in heaven. Don’t thank for my service. Show me. Stand up for education. Be willing to lose a donor to your re-election campaign when it is clearly the will of the people not to have a particular person running the US Department of Education. I will never stop advocating for public education, and I will never stop advocating for the betterment of my students. I will keep emailing you, I will keep calling you, I will keep writing you letters, and I will keep holding you accountable.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go frolic on my unicorn farm with Celine Dion music playing in the background and paint glittery rainbows on my face.

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