Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Just Make Sure Students Are Put First

When I heard the news that #oklaed had last one of their own to a senseless and tragic accident, my heart dropped. If you never had the chance to have any interactions whether it be in person or Twitter with Michael Reid, I’m sorry you missed out on knowing one of the coolest people ever. I connected weekly via Twitter with Mr. Reid, and I met him once, and I was struck by his passion for students and by his passion for educators. Both he and his wife strived to seek the best for the children that they served.

On Sunday he participated the weekly #oklaed Twitter chat. He liked many of my tweets, and I did the same with him, but one Tweet that he posted and as I was looking back on those words today it makes me cry and makes me humble, “Just make sure students are put first.”

I did not work in a building with him, but I know those that have, and I’m sure they will confirm that he always put students first.

It can be easy in the current political and social climate, that we give up, that we lose hope and vision. I admit, I have done that. I have let the circumstances around me cloud my judgment and my judging. I stopped putting students first. This must and needs to change.

So as I go back to work tomorrow, with a heavy heart for those that hurting, I will remember those words that were tweeted out, “Just make sure students are put first.”

My thoughts and prayers are with Michael Reid’s wife Linda, family, education family, students, and friends. We are here for you.

*If you need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen too, I am here. I love you #oklaed.*

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