Monday, April 18, 2016

Not Today Spider, Not Today

Shenningans. My morning always starts with shenanigans. Why you ask? Because I have a class full of 28 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys. It is so much fun. It is totes cray cray.

Today was no exception....and let's add in the worst creature known to mankind. A spider. A spider the size of my face. Okay maybe not that big, but the thing was huge. 

So here is the deal...I am deathly afraid of spiders. Read this for insight on my issues with spiders. As you can see I stop acting like an adult when there is a spider present and instead turn into a screaming looney tune. You can see where the problem arises...I was in a classroom full of students I had to be the adult. Really I just needed someone who was more adultier than I was, I needed a super adult. So this is how this whole thing went down...

We have done our stretches, played a brain teaser to get started, and we were in the middle of vocal warm ups when one precious cherub noticed the demon crawling across the floor. He screamed. Like a little girl. Which started a chain reaction....for the love. I was still trying to figure out what was happening when I noticed the creature of doom. 

I had three choices. 1-Burn the building down. 2-Join in on the screaming and hoping that someone more adultier than me would come and save us. 3-Be the adultier adult and kill the spider. Choice number one...wouldn't work because I feel like people would frown upon that. Choice number two...I couldn't know if someone would actually be able to tell if this was just our normal noise level or spider death con 4. Choice number three...was the only thing I could do. However my legs stopped working. I couldn't move the spider could feel my fear and it was feeding off of that!

But knight in shining armor aka Eighth Grade Boy stood up amongst all the screaming and yelled "Not today spider, not today!" He grabbed the spider with HIS BARE HANDS and killed the thing. He was the adultier adult, a 14 year old boy. 

But wait there's more!!!

As he was walking to throw the spider away he dangled it in my face and dropped it on my foot! We only thought it was was not. The evil creature crawled across my foot and I screamed. The boy again yells not today spider and finally kills the thing! FOR THE LOVE.

It only made sense that after the whole mess that we sang "This Black Bug."

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