Tuesday, June 27, 2017

30 by 30

Being a blogger can be really rough sometimes. You pour a lot of your heart and soul into what you have to say, and then you push it out for thousands of people to read, or in my case like ten people to read. Focusing on education and educational issues has been time-consuming and draining. And I'm pretty sure no one even cared anyways. So this blog is doing a little change up. I will still write a few things about teaching, education, and the all that crap. 

So in 445 days, I turn 30. As I was thinking about this milestone moment in my life, I came up with a list of things I have always wanted to do. I will call it my 30 by 30 list. 

Some of the things on this list are really ambitious, and I might not accomplish all of them, but this more about the journey that I will be taking. What I find most interesting is that really only one of the things on this list relates to my career. I'm totally okay with this. 

These are in no particular order, I just put them in some form of a list. Some of these are specific, and some are pretty general. As I accomplish a thing on a list, I will write about it. Again, it this is not about accomplishing everything on the list but the journey that it will take me one. If I do accomplish everything on the list, amazeballs. This is going to fun. This is going to be challenging. This is going to hard. This is going to be joyous, and this is going to be best year ever. 

1. Complete a 5k without having to walk. 
2. See the West Coast.
3. Go on a solo trip to Europe.
4. Pay down some debt.
5. Run the OKC Memorial Half Marathon.
6. Go to Boston.
7. Go on a super cool hiking/camping trip.
8. Read all the Sherlock Holmes books...or at least listen to them on Audible.
9. Take a Slo-Mo jumping video in Times Square.
10. See the Grand Canyon.
11. See a glacier.
12. Go skydiving.
13. Move into a house.
14. Beach trip anywhere (I have done this before lots of times, but I could always go for more beach times).
15. Go to Canada.
16. Attend a national conference of some kind.
17. Spa trip with my besties.
18. Try new foods from another culture.
19. Buy my parents something cool.
20. Have a pen pal.
21. Go to a legit wine tasting at a real winery. 
22. Get another tattoo. 
23. Go to an NFL game.
24. Have a smash cake photo shoot.
25. Record some songs.
26. Go camping at a music festival.
27. Meet the Hanson brothers.
28. Ride a camel.
29. Have Hershey compete in an agility contest.
30. Go change the world. 

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