Saturday, May 20, 2017

Work Work Work Work

It has been a hot minute since I wrote about the Oklahoma Legislature...

It is a Saturday, and I worked today, which is not uncommon for most teachers, but it is uncommon for the many people that work in our state house. Will guess what? They are working on a Saturday. Maybe if they didn't check out every Thursday at noon, we would have a budget. Or maybe if they didn't spend time working on stupid stuff, and worked on important matters from the beginning, like a budget, they wouldn't be scrambling in the end.

So yes, it is May 20th, and we still don't have a budget.


The 7% increase as proposed by Democrats in their Restore Oklahoma. Make the largest industry in Oklahoma pay their fair share of the tax burden. The compromised

I have been told this by many in the Oil and Gas industry. You drill where the product is, not where is the tax rate is cheap. So thus began the months and months of educators, parents, and people that just truly love Oklahoma and want it to be healthy and stable for years to come began to lobby for the raise in the GPT.

Meanwhile back at the ranch....some people got their star-spangled panties in a wad. TV ads begging people to call their legislatures and ask that the GPT be kept at the level it is, and some real big time O&G, paid big bucks to send people to the state house to protest. Yet when teachers do it, we are terrible, lazy, union thugs looking for a day off.

So let's recap......

No Budget
No Better Plan
Wackadoodles are running amock.
And in some crazy twist of fate, Nathan Dahm is running for US Congress. God Bless America. Start your prayer circles now.

I know, I know, not every legislature is a terrible human being, and many have been working really hard for people like me, you know someone who is not a millionaire. So to those that are fighting and have been fighting. Thank you for the bottom of my jaded heart. To those of you that are not willing to compromise, get your star-spangled panties out the wad they are in, remove the log from your eye, and do the right thing. I might bring you a donut.

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