Thursday, November 24, 2016


The month of November was a bit of a rough one my fellow educators, but somehow we have survived. Or maybe we just keep telling ourselves that we have survived. However, if we look through the bull crap, we will see a lot of different things to be thankful for in education this November.

We are still here.

I know that might sound a little crazy since a lot of teachers are leaving this state faster than cheddar pretzels at a Weight Watchers meeting. But for right now in these moments, we are here, and we have each other. We have each other’s backs. I will tell you right now that I would go to the mat for any of my oklaed peeps and fellow educators any day of the week. Things might be bad right now, and they might be bad for a little bit or a lot bit longer but we are still here, and we still have each other. I will say it over and over and over again. There is nothing quite like the oklaed community of educators.

We still impact lives.

No matter what we are reaching students. Since the election, my students have been my greatest source of joy. I love watching their successes and watching them fall in love with music. I will admit that past few weeks have been hard, but they have proved to me time and time again this is the profession that I’m meant to be in. You still have an impact, no matter it what setting you are in, you can still and you do impact and change the lives of the students and adults that you come in contact with every single day.

We still have donuts and coffee.

There is no reason to for me to explain this one any further.

So Happy Thanksgiving teachers! Be awesome and be amazing. Eat lots of pie today!!

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