Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Concert Is Over...Now What?

So I'm a Choral Music Educator and my concert was last Friday. By the way it was fabulous and amazing.

So I find myself trying to figure something out to do with the middle school monsters...students, I mean students. Well...five minutes ago I came up with a plan and I feel like it is a brilliant idea.

My kids do my job. It was the best. My kids had to plan the lesson and teach their class.

I divided the class into five different groups, and some of my larger classes had more classes. In these groups they had create their lessons. Their lessons need to have objectives, worked on three of our essential skills that we work on in class, they needed to include all of the normal things that I do when I'm teaching and leading rehearsal, and some sort of reflection or assessment. Below I have included all of the handouts I used and gave to kids.

They have knocked it out of the park! They have been prepared, they have thought out their lessons, and they have been outstanding. I saw future teachers in the making. It was wonderful.

What I never thought would happen would be how it would affect my students. One young man said, "It gave me greater respect for everything that my teachers do for me. I never really understood all of the stuff that you do to make sure we learn." They loved this project and they loved planning and getting it all together. It will be a part of my curriculum for years to come!

Project Rubric

Project Guide

Sample Lesson Plan

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