Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Music in Our Schools

Happy Music in Our Schools Month!!!! Now I might be a little biased but I totally believe that music is the best subject in our schools. My life has been forever changed by having access to music education as a child. So much so that I have dedicated my life to providing music education to children.

We have heard the reasons for having music in our schools, many people like to point out that it raises test scores and kids in music programs have higher grades. While yes these are true and there is research to prove these things, music needs to be in our schools just because.

I'm beyond thankful for music in our schools for so many reasons, but here are just a few.

1. Music Classes Helped Me Choose My Profession-I have wanted to be teacher since my first day of kindergarten when I came home and organized my soft animals on my bed and taught them what I learned at school. However it wasn't until I was in middle school choir that I discovered that I wanted to teach middle school choir. It was in that class I discovered my passion and found my voice.

2. Music Classes Taught Me About Humanity-Music carries the full range of human emotions. Music makes me aware of what is happening around me. Music makes me believe that there is something better out there.

3. Music Classes Made Me A Better Me- I learned more than notes and rhythms on a page. I learned more than how to sing with good tone. I learned more than artistic expression. I learned how to be a better person. I learned about hard work and responsibility. I learned how to work with others. I learned how to take constructive feedback.

4. Music Classes Taught To Me To See Beauty In Everything-This world is dark. It is painful. But there is always music. Sometimes in the most painful moments of my life, music has been there. I have always been able to know that it would be there. In my music classes, I learned that my art not only changes myself, but it can change the world around me.

In the depths of this budge crisis and revenue failure here in my state of Oklahoma schools are having to make tough choices. My heart breaks when I see that those tough choices involve cutting Fine Arts programs. We need Fine Arts. We need music, not only just because of the reasons that I listed above but also because we need well rounded kids. I know that not every kid will love choir, band, strings, drama, art, or speech but I know that for the kids that do love them, they need these classes. They need these successes, and we need to offer them to all students.

So this month (and everyday really) thank the music teachers in your lives. So to my music teachers past and present, thank you. You are the greatest. Your influence is still so strong in my life.

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