Saturday, March 5, 2016

Just Stop the Bleeding

Oh where oh where have my happy little unicorns gone?

When the news broke about the state of Oklahoma officials ordering $235 million dollar cut to state agencies after revenue failure number two, I might have had a brain aneurysm. An 18% cut overall to public education. Insert brain aneurysm here.

Can I just say, please stop the bleeding. Enough is enough. This has to stop. For the love, this needs to stop.

I am a product of public education. I truly believe in public education. I became a public educator, because I believe that public education will change the world. I believe in public schools. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am meant to be a public school educator. I love school. It is because of this love, my heart breaks and my brain has aneurysms when hear of more money being cut from public education. Because do you know who the victims are of budget cuts and revenue failures? Students. Children.

Oklahoma, I love you. I love the life I have built here. I love the friendships that I forged and the community that I have built with my students and my school. Now I'm asking for the same love.

If you love a child that is educated in public schools in Oklahoma, I beg of you to contact your elected officials and tell them enough is enough. It is time that the children of Oklahoma are put first. Being 49th in the country in teacher pay and per student spending is not okay, losing up $235 millions dollars in funding is not okay. We can make a difference. We can all make a difference. We have to stand up and ask that the bleeding stop. Our students deserve better, they are the future of this state and this country, and it is time that we make them a priority. The educators in Oklahoma are top notch. I truly believe that we can have the best schools in the country, but we need a legislator and a governor that is willing to make that commitment. Stand together Oklahoma, it is time to change the story. It is time to stop the bleeding.

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