Monday, January 25, 2016

Fight with Love

I am sure that there is someone out there that is annoyed with my unicorns and rainbows attitude. I know that it can be a bit much sometimes. For me, I have to try to see the world in a positive light. But I cannot apolgize for who I am at my core, I'm just full of unicorns and rainbows and I will always talk about loving kids.

We have lots of issues to talk about in our educational community. What gets me fired up about talking about these issues is my love for kids. What upsets me most about a 47 million dollar budget cut, is because it isn't what is best for kids. So many decisions are made and many of those decisions aren't what is best for kids.

I talk about loving kids and loving this profession, because we need too. The moment we stop talking about why we love our students, why we love our profession, and we do this...we lose. We lose the battle. Someone has to fight for our students. We have to be their voice. We should never stop talking about loving kids. It might some trivial or a no-brainer that we love kids, but we have to make it known and say it all the time. When I hear educators talk about loving students and loving what they do, I get excited and inspired to do my job better.

We fight with love. We brag on our students, to their faces, to their parents, to our adminstration. We brag on them and we love them. We fight with love, because it is the right thing to do. When we fight with love, we let those in leadership roles and elected officials know how incredibly important our mission is, why we do what we do. We fight with love because our students need us, we fight with love because we need each other. Together we are better.

I will fight with love. I will fight with love for my students, and do what is best for them daily. I will fight with love for my fellow teachers, because we need each other. We are professionals and it is time that we are treated as a such. I will fight with love, because the state of Oklahoma deserves better.

Don't ever stop talking about loving kids. We stop, we lose, but more importantly our kids lose. Share the unicorns and rainbows throughout the world!!!

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