Monday, September 12, 2016

Dear Oklaed,

Dear Oklaed,

I could never have even imagined that when I first check it on a Sunday Twitter chat how that was going to transform not only my teaching but my life. Making sure that I'm there and present each Sunday has become such an important part of my life. As much as I love this community and what it has brought to my life, I would be lying if I said that it wasn't a little overwhelming.

I love it. I love this community; I love what you all do, and I think that you are all amazing and passionate educators. But I need a break. The start of the school and All-State Choir Season as me not just overwhelmed, but super overwhelmed. I just need some time to focus on me and chill on Sunday nights. I won't be gone forever, but I think taking a few weeks off is what I need.

I will still be blogging and tweeting around, and I'm sure that I will see many of you at an EdCamp, or a Happy Hour!

Keep doing the amazing things that you are doing. Keep loving kids, loving life, and loving donuts.

For The Love,


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  1. Need a break? Take one! For some of us, our hobby is just an extension of work. There has to be something else to feed our souls.