Sunday, May 10, 2015


Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there!!! I hope you had a great day where you didn't have to do a thing!!

There are just so many different types of mothers out there, but at the end of the day it is about women that love there kids and they love well. So why don't we just stop labeling each other and support one another!

I have been blessed by not only my own mother, but by spiritual mothers to poured into my relationship with the Lord. These ladies have loved me and challenged me to big leaps of faiths. I have been blessed by work mothers that challenge and support my teaching. To my village of "moms" thank you for helping me along my journey.

I will say that I had a "village" of mamas that made me the woman I am today. Of course none of this incredibly awesome life that I have wouldn't have been possible without my mama, Janet Loyd. The woman is pretty awesome, she did give birth to a legend. We laugh, we fight, we cry. We share a love of coffee, napping, cats and TV binge watching. In all seriousness, she was the first person that ever believed in me. She put up with a little girl that never shut up (shocking I know), and never stops encouraging me to dream big dreams. She fiecrcly loves her kids, and does whatever it takes to help her kids achieve success. You da best JLo.

Side note....I'm a fur baby mama. I will forgive you Stardust for forgetting Mother's Day again. It's okay you can try again next year.

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